Copyright 2013, Tom Stewart. All rights reserved.
Tom was born in Tampa, Florida in 1966.  As a
young child he took piano lessons, but later
switched to guitar. After high school, he began
undergraduate studies at the University of Florida,
then transferred to Boston's Berklee College of
Music.  At Berklee, he studied jazz and
concentrated on classical composition.  He
graduated from Berklee, cum laude, in 1990.

Tom attended law school and graduated in 1993.
He then worked as a trial attorney for ten years.
But he always pursued his original passions:
writing and playing jazz. In 2003, he decided to
leave the practice of law and work full time as a
musician.  In 2006, he released his debut trio CD,
"First Time Over." He released his second CD,
entitled "Flyer," in 2012.

Tom currently lives in the Tampa Bay area with his
beloved wife, Sandy. He is busy practicing,
writing, performing and recording jazz.