"Students may want to consider checking out Tom Stewart's latest CD 'First Time

"The [first] CD from the Florida native was recorded by Dan Smith at Bay Sound
studios and mixed by Joe Hand of Joe Hand Music Productions.

"What is interesting about this CD is it was recorded all in one take with no overdubbing
or editing done to the song.

"What makes the CD unique is all the songs sound amazing despite the fact that there
was no editing done.

"Each song is filled with melodious guitar sounds, giving the listener a feel of peace and

"From the opening song "Wintergreen" to the ending song "Last Call (Still No Answer)"
the listener is absorbed with sounds that are simple and clean, yet give the feel of
elegance and, of course, jazz too.

"Each song has its own unique melody and chords that seem to fit well with the bass
guitar and drums that are present in every track. Drummer Sava Boyadjiev and acoustic
bassist Mark Neuenschwander make their sounds present, but manage to not be too
powerful and never overtake the sounds of the guitar.

"The song that showed the bass guitarists talents the most was "Sneaky Pete." There is
a small bass guitar solo part where the listener can hear the talent of Neuenschwander.

"The next song "Spare Changes" really highlights Stewart's ability as a jazz guitarist.

"Some of the chords sound like they would be difficult to master but Stewart plays them
with ease. The soft beat of the drums in the background adds to the blues feel that one
may feel while listening to the CD.

"Another great thing about this CD is Stewart shows his passion for not only jazz guitar
but also music in general through each song.

"One gets a sense of just how much emotion he puts in his music. Each song
consistently sounds refreshing and harmonious.

"One of the more slow and jazz feeling songs on the CD is "Strike 3." It does not have
as much difficult chord progressions as most of the songs on the rest of the album, but
the slow guitar in the song sounds very relaxing and pleasing to the ear.

"It would be a good track for anyone studying who may enjoy peaceful sounds during
study sessions or relaxing moments.

"Anyone who is interested in jazz will probably enjoy this CD from beginning to end.

"If one were not a fan of jazz, this CD would still be highly recommended because of its
unique sound and peaceful tones, allowing for the user to become engulfed in the music.

Grade: A

The Daily Vidette
"The CD contains 12 of [Stewart's] original compositions in the Metheny/Scofield mold
and was recorded in one take, live in the studio, with no editing or overdubbing.

"The music can best be described as clean, light and relaxing but with plenty of bite.
Stewart has an appealing sound and a deft touch at the guitar and gets solid and sensitive
support from bassist Mark Neuenschwander and drummer Sava Boyadjiev, whose
cymbal work here is particularly impressive."

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